Learning is a disruptive change

It’s almost become trendy nowadays to say, “I enjoy learning new things”. A quick search in my company’s recruiting software returns hundreds of candidates whose resume or cover letter includes that phrase. However, we often overlook the significance of learning and its fundamental features.

It’s great to have a routine and work in an environment where we can gradually develop our skills a little each day. Absorbing new bits of information expands our knowledge and understanding of the world.

One of my university professors defined learning as a change of personality. That’s impossible without an effort: learning is a strain that most people avoid. The difference is found in being ready for the effort that learning requires. It’s never easy, but you always become a better person.

I like this definition because it separates the comfortable and redundant from the uncomfortable and disruptive. Learning is a positive, disruptive, and permanent change.

So the question is, am I consciously doing things that lead to such a change? Or am I just filtering out what doesn’t fit in my daily routine and existing worldview, waiting for life to punch me in the face before I finally learn?

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